The price of your bacterial health is far more important than the cash price

Understandably, those questions always arise, even where important matters of health and all its necessary provisos and treatments are concerned. One important question, mind you, is regularly asked by readers of the resource center. For ease of reference and because these are regularly asked questions, the standard form of Q & A pages are provided.

One question always has to do with the price of the medical treatment and its product and more pertinently it’s natural and, as it turns out, healthier alternatives. It is a humanely understandable question in the sense that while one should never measure one’s health in terms of how much it costs, the general costs of medical care and all its prescriptions continues to skyrocket for a number of dubious and inexcusable reasons.

Sadly, the investors in important research and development and the manufacturing processes that derive there from consider the profit motive over and above the health of the patient and accessibility to curative treatment and care. Funny how human nature is. Lessons in life are still being learnt late. But fortunately for many it is never too late and there is always a second chance. On the subject of human nature’s quirks, many men and women only realize late in life that preventative regimes are the cheapest form of medical care ever.

Even with a course of FDA approved probiotics to take care of the intestinal system’s healthy bacterial content, the practice of preventative medicine is in full swing. No medical prescriptions are essential for a healthy man or woman to take a natural remedy rich in herbs, minerals and vitamins. Finally, a reasonable question that is always asked is how many capsules must be taken. The short answer to that is; only one per day.